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アレックス・シラー Alex SILAAアレックス

Lukani up date・2013 No.2

In the year 2013, we had some new events in Lukani village. I welcomed some guests from Japan, e.g., Alternative tour member and Coffee study tour group.

For the first time I accommodate eleven people in my house and we could prepare the meals for fourteen people. So I got a new experience to have such number of people in my house.I could use a new wing extended in my house to accommodate more guests.

The coffee harvest for this year is low compare to the last year, this is due to short of (April/May) rain fall as our farm usually depends on rainfall. We have no irrigation system now and this is harvest season for the coffee..

But the coffee farmers face another problem of falling the price of coffee from Tsh 3200/kg to Tshs 2200/kg. This will result for many farmers to disregard planting new coffee seeds. But as you might be aware the Lukani village does not depends on coffee only, but also degenerate income from other sources like cow keeping (to sell milk) and banana selling. All this add their income, when the price from coffee falls.

About water irrigation project, unfortunately the the feasibility study shows that the cost for this project shall be more than Tsh 1.2 billion, this means more than US$750,000. So it is not easy to get this project approved in the Ministry of Agriculture, as it cost large amount of money.

So the villagers think that it is better to look at Secondary school project as the secondary school lacks classrooms, staff houses, library and laboratories, the survey and map and BOQ (Bill Of Quantity) for this project is already done and we submitted to the Embassy of Japan, so we expect to extend the number of classrooms and building a laboratory and staff houses in Secondary school. Looking at the Secondary school project does not mean that we give up the irrigation project, we shall continue to press at Ministry of Agriculture for irrigation project.
That is about Lukani

This year in my office, we got very big shock while attending the guest in Lukani on 26th August, I got a call from my fellow staff, about passing away of Mr. Ngubi. It was very shock to me as we had been together for more than thirty years. Working together at University of Dar es Salaam and the initiate of establishing JATA Tours in 1998.

So I had to go back to Dar es Salaam and proceed to Morogoro and join the other staff of JATA Tours to attend the funeral held in Kingolwira. We shall miss Ngubi san forever, amen.

Alex Silaa






 今年はわたしたちの会社は大きなショックを受けました。ルカニ村にお客さんたちを受け入れていた8月26日に、同僚からグビさんが他界したとの電話があったのです。35年以上もの間、彼と一緒にすごしてきたわたしにとって、これは大変ショックな出来事でした。ダルエスサラーム大学で共に働き、JATA TOURSを1998年に一緒に設立したのです。わたしはキンゴルウィラ村で行われる葬儀に参列するためにJATA TOURSのほかのスタッフたちとともにルカニ村からダルエスサラームに一度戻らねばなりませんでした。  わたしたちは永遠にグビさんのことを忘れないでしょう。アーメン。