Habari za Dar es Salaam*タンザニアからの手紙*Shwari

*Habari kutoka Kingolwira *Harufu ya Karafuu *歴代スタッフのHabariの本棚

ルカニ村便り/Habari kutoka Lukani

アレックス・シラー Alex SILAAアレックス

Lukani up date・2009・No.1

In year 2009 we have so many activities in the village, we expected that we could have completed the construction of water stream from the forest. Unfortunately , due to the bad weather inside the forest, the villagers could not attend a gathering work to drug the water stream in the forest. But the village authority has decided to participate more people in the project including associating some member of village who stay and work outside of the village. Also village authority has begun to look assistant or donation from any where, or whichever wished to do so. Luckily we got donation of US$200 from Ms.Fujiwara of MY TICKET in JAPAN.

About coffee, the village authority had contacted the coffee research institute TACRI in Lyamungo in order to supply more coffee seedlings, so that they can distribute to the farmers. But as you might be aware the most important thing is to complete this water stream project, because the coffee seedling needs a lot to of water while growing up. Therefore this water stream project is very important for replanting a new coffee. On top of that at the end of last year, Lukani Lossa Cooperative society got an order of sending 300bags of coffee to ATJ of Japan. The authority has already send a sample. They are waiting for shipment.

The secondary school project is still underway. The village authority is trying to put more classrooms. Each year they have to construct two more classrooms so that the students who entered another stage can get their rooms.

About weather it seems that this year is going to be good for better harvesting, Due to finance problem of the villagers, the library has been closed since last December, because the village authority could not be able to pay salary for the library clerk for the last six months. But there is a plan to get fund for paying the library clerk so that the library can re-open and save the villagers again.

My opinion is to appeal to all Lukani born members to donate to the village. Also friends of Lukani. The most important thing is to invest in this water stream project. As this shall enable mostly watering coffee seeds.
Finally I am welcoming everyone to Lukani, and enjoy good atmosphere.










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